The Music

Chris has a number of Albums for sale.

“Two Canadian Geordie Lads” Al Thomson and Chris Gregg with songs from Northern England.

  1. Al Thomson lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and Chris Gregg lives in Calgary, Alberta. They both hail from Newcastle on Tyne England. When they met in 2012 they were amazed to find out that they went to the same school and Al’s family actually lived four doors from Chris’s Mother. More importantly they were influenced by the same music and went to the same folk clubs back in the 1960’s. It was a natural partnership for Al and Chris to make music together. Al is a great singer who knows so many wonderful songs and Chris also sings but is able to accompany him on a wide array of instruments. “We do it because we enjoy the music.” This should be evident if you listen to it for a while. The dialect in that part of the UK is call “Geordie.” It can be fun to follow. Enjoy.Available at or through email (with Paypal or etransfer) for 20.00 Canadian dollars (packaging and mailing included).
  2. “It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over” Original songs by Chris Gregg published February 2019.Chris Gregg is a singer songwriter and recording engineer. Retired now, Chris worked as a piano technician. Chris has absorbed himself in the art of playing and recording music at his recording studio at Tudor Manor Studios. All the songs on the album are from different passions in life. From riding motorcycles to windsurfing and flying RC gliders to the more serious matters of It Ain’t Over and Early Detection. The Alberta Pipeline Blues is a bit of a protest song as the province of Alberta is suffering from not being able to sufficiently export oil to market. Also a lovely song called Watching the Seasons.$20.00 Canadian with PayPal at (packaging and mailing included).
  3. “Scottish Dinner Music” Chris Gregg Piano.
    Available with paypal or etransfer for $15.00 Canadian only at
  4. ”Popular Ragtime Tunes” Chris Gregg Piano.
    Available with paypal or etransfer for $15.00 Canadian only at
  5. “Yoga with Bob” Chris Gregg Keyboards.
    New Age Music suitable for yoga and meditation. Available with paypal or etransfer for $15.00 Canadian only at