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Having worked as a full time travelling musician for over 15 years on the road with a successful band, and as a record producer for nine of those years, finding a studio with the right ambience and technical capability is of primary importance, because you don’t have time to spend practicing in the studio! Working at Manor Studios was a wonderful experience. Located in a serene country area outside of Calgary, the peace and quiet already creates such a nice relaxing atmosphere. Within the studio the main studio recording room is nicely situated for OTF (Off the Floor) recordings. The acoustics of the room are such that they can be adjusted to suit the ambience and feel of the recording. Equipped with a nice selection of quality microphones, plus a variety of instruments, creates a comfortable place to lay down your tracks. The positioning of the control desk, overlooking the entire studio room, makes it easy for visual communication between the artist and the recording engineer. The recording software is consistent with the most current versions of digital multi-track recording, and provides the facility to create a good mix of the recorded product, plus good quality mastering to ensure the finished product is radio ready. Manor Studios makes professional a relaxed and pleasant experience, and delivers the goods with a high quality final product.

Gerry Madigan
Banjo Player, Singer/Songwriter, Session Musician, Record Producer

My husband and I have a group of friends that take turns hosting dinner parties throughout the year. When our turn came to host we thought it’d be a good idea to do something a bit different. So we hired Chris to play piano for us. He played background music for part of the evening and took requests for songs from our guests.

We all had a great time and are looking forward to having Chris come back again! He is a very talented and amazing piano player!! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for your event or party entertainment.

Cindy Lutz
Calgary, Alberta


Audio Book

  “My Journey through Life.” can be heard via google drive at


Great to be part of the “Eldersong” Project.  Thankyou to my friend Rob Skeet for the recommendation.  Attached is my segment.